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Get Involved

Do Something

When we organize, we build a brighter future where all of us can thrive. We protect our freedoms, our families, and our futures.

Get Candidates onto the Ballot

In order for a person to become a candidate for office and qualify to be on the ballot, they need a large number of petition signatures of registered voters.


These petition signatures are not votes; rather, these signatures are merely to allow a person to be on the ballot and campaign for office. In other words, we sign these petitions so that candidates have the opportunity to tell the voting public why we should vote for them. 

Sign candidate petitions on the Arizona Secretary of State website now.

Be a Neighborhood Leader

Our party needs your on-the-ground knowledge of your neighborhood and community. That's how we keep improving our party and win more elections—from the grassroots up.

Become a Precinct Committee person, and keep your Democratic neighbors informed and engaged. Listen, learn, and speak up. PCs also participate in regular elections to to elect our party leadership.  It's up to you to make our party better so that we can turn Arizona blue.


Invest in Your Community

Become a grassroots donor to help build the Democratic Party right here in your neighborhood and your community.

Join Our Community Movement

You have more like-minded neighbors than you know. So, get to know them. Volunteer to help organize Democrats in your community and register new voters.

Register to Vote

We need to return power to our communities. That starts with you. Arizona's elections are close. Very close. So close that just a handful of votes can make the difference in whether our schools are funded or whether that money gets handed over to wealthy investors. 

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