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Your Hyperlocal Dem Party

The Democratic Party is designed to start in your neighborhood. 

The Democratic Party is organized from the grassroots up, starting with neighborhood-based precincts (like your neighborhood), which are organized into district-based Democratic Party organizations (like D15 Dems). Our hyper-local, community-based district organization, D15 Dems, is supported by countywide, statewide, and national Democratic Party organizations.

Democratic Party is designed from the neighborhood or precinct up AZ D15 Dems is your local Democratic Party organization
Neighborhood Precinct Committees

Your neighborhood-based precinct

Leadership begins in your neighborhood. Precinct committeepersons (PCs) represent an area immediately surrounding their home—usually their neighborhood. PCs represent their Democratic neighbors within the Democratic Party, and PCs represent the Democratic Party within their neighborhood (or precinct). 

In other words, PCs are the voice of their neighbors within the party and the voice of the party within their neighborhood. 


PCs are usually elected during the primary elections. Their names go onto the ballots alongside candidates who are running in partisan primary elections. PCs can also be appointed by the district party chair. 

In neighborhoods where there are several PCs, the PCs can opt to elect a Precinct Captain.

Local District Democratic Parties

D15 Dems - Arizona Legislative District 15's Democratic Party organization

Our district covers Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, and Southeast Mesa (see the map).


Democratic Party district organizations are small, usually made up of neighborhood leaders. Everyone has the opportunity to get to know each other, and when candidates and electeds attend our events, we all have the opportunity to get to know them, too.

PCs (neighborhood leaders) elect the leadership team of our district party organizations. In other words, in the Democratic Party, neighborhood residents choose neighborhood leaders, and neighborhood leaders choose district leaders.


The district (D15) leadership team and the PCs work together to lead efforts to organize volunteers, recruit people to run for office, raise money, and support local Democratic candidates.


Alongside the district leadership team, the PCs continue to regularly vote on resolutions and other actions within the district party organization. PCs are also usually the most active, dedicated volunteers within district party organizations. 

County-wide Democratic Parties

Maricopa County Democratic Party (MCDP)

Pinal County Democratic Party (PCDP)

PCs (neighborhood leaders) elect the leadership team of the county party where they reside. Our district runs across two counties, so our PCs vote in either the Maricopa County Dems elections or the Pinal County Dems elections.

In other words, neighborhood leaders choose both district leaders and county leaders.


PCs can also volunteer for the county party committees that manage the various functions of the countywide parties, including committees that develop platforms, policies, and issue positions. Because local district parties are very small and usually operate only with volunteers, the county parties provide many of the resources that the local district organizations need to operate.

Statewide Democratic Party

Arizona Democratic Party (ADP)

PCs (neighborhood leaders) elect State Committeepersons to represent the district within the (statewide) Arizona Democratic Party. State Committeepersons, in turn, elect the leadership team of the state party organization.

Again, neighborhood leaders choose the people who lead our party. 


State Committeepersons vote on various resolutions and actions of the state party. State Committeepersons can volunteer on the committees that manage the various functions of the Arizona Democratic Party, including committees that develop platforms, policies, and issue positions.

National Democratic Party 

Democratic National Committee (DNC)

The Democratic National Committee is made up of National Delegates who are elected by Arizona State Committeepersons (SCPs). These National Delegates are elected from our most active volunteers and supporters, help develop the platforms, policies, issue positions, and campaign strategies of our national party organization, the Democratic National Committee. National Delegates also elect DNC party leadership, sit on DNC party committees, and vote on various DNC resolutions and actions.

When you become a Precinct Committeeperson (PC), you have a voice within the Democratic Party that can resonate all the way to the national party organization. Talk to us about becoming a PC today.

"Alone, we can do so little. Together, we can do so much." - Helen Keller

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