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Become a Neighborhood Leader

Become a Precinct Committee Person

I already know what a Precinct Committee Person does. Take me to the PC page for my county:

Neighborhood Leaders

In political parties, neighborhood leaders are called Precinct Committee Persons (PCs). These PCs are neighborhood-based party officials.

Political districts, like D15, are divided into small, neighborhood-based precincts for the purpose of political organizing. Neighborhood leaders known as Precinct Committee Persons (PCs) are party officials who support their party organization within their neighborhoods.


We represent the Democratic Party within our precinct/neighborhood. We lead organizing efforts in our neighborhoods. We connect with our neighbors to listen to their needs and their priorities. We reach out to ensure our Democratic neighbors know they are not alone, and we connect our Democratic neighbors together and motivate them to join our efforts.

We represent our neighbors within the Democratic Party. We carry our neighbors needs and priorities back to the party. We vote on party platforms and resolutions with the views of our Democratic neighbors in mind. PCs elect Democratic Party leadership who can represent all of us within our Democratic Party organizations. PCs elect the officers of D15 Dems (your local Democratic Party) and the county party organizations for Maricopa County and Pinal County. PCs even elect the State Committeepersons who oversee the Arizona Democratic Party and who elect National Delegates to the Democratic National Committee (your national Democratic Party). 

Only PCs can fill Democratic Party leadership roles, from our local district organizations to our county parties, state parties, and even the national party.

Read more about the organizational structure of your Democratic Party organizations.

How do I become a Neighborhood Leader (PC) in D15 Dems?

The Democratic Party is organized from the neighborhood level up

"Followers who tell the truth, and leaders who listen to it, are an unbeatable combination." -Warren Bennis

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