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New Trump Indictment: January 6 Conspiracy

Yesterday, a grand jury indicted Donald Trump for conspiring with MAGA Republicans to overturn our votes in order to remain in power.

This is Trump’s third indictment, and he has been charged with a total of 78 felony counts in three indictments in three districts:

Indictment #1: Classified national security materials: 37 felony counts in violation of the Espionage Act

Indictment #2: Falsifying business records: 34 felony counts of New York Penal Law

Indictment #3: January 6 conspiracy: 4 felony counts in violation of multiple federal laws

This conspiracy indictment is the most important criminal case in the history of our country.

This case is about our freedom to elect leaders who respect our freedom to vote.

Today, we are still faced with Trump’s threat against our democracy. Trump is the clear leader of the Republican primary, and Trump is tied in general election polls with Biden. Nobody thought Trump could win in 2016. Our wins in 2020 were narrow. January 6th was a dress rehearsal for Trump and his supporters, and if MAGA Republicans get another chance to take power, then we are at serious risk of losing our freedom to vote.

The grand jury who indicted Trump was also made up of voters. “We the People” looked at the evidence against Trump and determined that Trump must face his crimes in a court of law. Prosecutor Jack Smith wants the trial to take place before the election, and he wants it to be televised so that the voting public can have all of the information to make their voting decisions. Smith believes that when “We the People” look at all of the evidence that the American people will see that Trump tried to take away our rights and freedoms so that he could stay in power. Smith believes that the American people will see the danger that Trump presents to our democracy.

Smith also encourages every American to read the indictment. We agree. The evidence is clear and straightforward: Donald Trump conspired with MAGA Republicans to overturn our votes to remain in power.

It is up to all of us to make sure the American people understand the serious moment our country faces. Arizona MAGA Republicans submitted fraudulent slates of electors in an attempt to overturn our votes. This slate of fraudulent electors included Arizona Senator Jake Hoffman (R-MAGA) who currently represents our own District 15 in the Arizona Senate.

Election campaigns for 2024 have already started. The San Tan Valley and Queen Creek communities will be pivotal in the 2024 elections. Join us in our fight for the freedom to vote.

The best way to support us right now is with a monthly recurring donation. As little as $5 per month can help us register new voters and mobilize volunteers. Can you help save democracy for only $5 per month?

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