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Join Our Postcard Team

Volunteer with D15 Dems to engage new volunteers and new voters in the fastest growing swing state district in America.

We are the fastest growing district in Arizona and one of the fastest shifting political districts in the entire country. 

We have more than 23,000 unregistered voters that we need to reach, register, and engage. To do this, we need to activate an army of local volunteers. To do that, we need to reach likely volunteers in our community. 


One of the best ways to reach and activate likely volunteers is with handwritten postcards. You can do this on your schedule from anywhere

By activating these volunteers and registering these voters, our district can change the landscape of Arizona politics. We can secure these statewide races that have been determined by less than 300 votes. We can secure our U.S. Senate seats. We can secure our electoral votes for President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. 

Can you help send postcards to likely Democratic Party volunteers in our community? We need to reach these volunteers so that we can expand our voter registration program. 

We are so excited to have you be part of our team!  

Success will never big a big step in the future. Success is always a small step taken just now.

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