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Countywide & Local Candidates

for Maricopa County Attorney

"I'm running to:

  • Protect the most vulnerable: Our children, seniors, & women

  • Deliver real justice through data-driven reforms

  • Hold politicians & bureaucrats accountable to taxpayers

  • Redefine public safety to prioritize people over corrupt systems"

"Securing Maricopa’s Future

  • Delivering results that make positive change for the students, staff, and faculty of the Maricopa Community Colleges

  • Fighting to prevent special interests from gaining influence over the Governing Board

  • Working to increase access, affordability, and quality across all of our community colleges"

kelli butler.jpg
for Maricopa County Community Colleges District Governing Board

This section/page is under construction

Central Arizona Water Conservation District Board of Directors (CAWCD/CAP) 

Vote for only these four candidates:

School Board Candidates in LD15

Note: Our legislative district has 7 school board districts, but in 2022, we only have candidates running in the districts listed below:


Chandler Unified School District (CUSD)


Gilbert Unified School District (GUSD)

amanda wade higley unified school board.jpg

Higley Unified School District (HUSD)

No matter your zip code, all kids deserve a quality education. Yet, extremist Republicans have been depriving Arizona schools of resources for decades. Be a voter, and together, we can ensure every community school is a place where all children can learn, grow, and thrive.

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