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Run for something

You're the candidate you've been waiting for.

Running for office is intellectually challenging. It's exhausting. Campaign events, fundraising, constant scrutiny, and the increasing threat of political violence can all take a toll. It can feel scary.


You won't find a tougher job. You're tougher. That's why you keep reading.

Running for office is also a beautiful experience unlike anything else. 

You'll get to know people from every background with viewpoints that you never imagined and convictions that will inspire you. You'll engage with people who are questioning their faith, people of deep faith and of no faith. You'll have deep conversations with liberals, conservatives, middle of the roaders, and people who are just figuring it out.

Just by running, you'll make contributions to our community that matter. You'll inspire people. You'll amplify voices that need to be heard in our community. You'll share our stories. You'll move the Overton Window in our community. You'll boost Democratic turnout, which will boost other races up and down the ballot.

Whatever you decide, know that just running makes a huge difference.

Ask us your questions. We'll provide support, training opportunities, data, and advice.

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Queen Creek School Board

Queen Creek Unified School District

Conservative culture warriors are losing big in school board races across the country, even in conservative strongholds

No matter what you look like or where you're from, we all want our kids to have the freedom to learn and get an education that prepares them for the future.


Today's conservatives are stripping away our kids' rights to a quality education by banning books, decimating libraries, and attacking children who are different. You could be the voice of reason in Queen Creek who stands with the majority for calm and reason. 

Please, consider running for school board. Our kids can't wait for someone else to come along.

Arizona Legislature

Arizona legislative candidates can quality for Clean Elections funding

Arizona legislative candidates who agree to forgo special interest and high dollar contributions can qualify for campaign funding from the Arizona Clean Elections Fund.

By running a spirited local campaign across Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, and Southeast Mesa, you can bring significant attention to the issues that matter most. You can spark debate. Most important, you can challenge the fraudulent elector who has been representing our district and overseeing election law while running "troll farms" that spread misinformation

A legislative campaign in our district would boost turnout to secure other races on the District 15 ballots that will be decided by razor thin margins. In 2022, Arizona had two statewide races decided by less than 300 votes. Your candidacy could turn Arizona blue by boosting turnout just enough to make the difference.

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Who, in the quietness of their hearts, might think, 'Why not me?'

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