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Strategy, Training, & Onboarding for Local Volunteers

In person, Queen Creek, this Tues @7pm
Virtual, this Thurs @7pm

RSVP Now for Tues @7pm (in person)

RSVP Now for Thurs @7pm (virtual)


Our community has the most unregistered blue-leaning voters in Arizona. The thousands of new blue-leaning residents in our neighborhoods could change the landscape of Arizona politics, secure the U.S. Senate majority, and keep Trumptastrophy out of our nation's capitol.

Our district has more than 23,000 unregistered new households. We want to connect and empower you to register these new residents to vote before the 2024 elections. Then, we'll need to get them to the ballot box next November. To reach these goals, we need to build a large bank of volunteers who can pitch in 2-3 hours per month and a smaller bank of volunteers who can do more.

Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, there is a comfortable place for you where you can add value and feel like you belong. Postcards are highly effective. We need data managers and social media amplifiers, too. Textbanking is highly effective. We have a place for you whether you want to knock doors, manage spreadsheets, coordinate events, put up signs, or just work in the background. We have a wide range volunteer needs that make a big impact. You are wanted, welcome, and needed!

To empower you, we are kicking off the 2024 election season with a Strategy & Training for Local Organizing series. This is designed to help both newcomers and experienced organizers acclimate themselves to the organizing infrastructure we're building locally, find the activities that fit your skills and personality, onboard you into the team, and learn how to choose small actions that maximize your impact.

Can you join us for the Strategy & Training Kickoff in Queen Creek this coming Tuesday? If you can't make it in person, we have a virtual event on Thursday.

RSVP Now for Tues @7pm (in person)

RSVP Now for Thurs @7pm (virtual)

The in person Strategy & Training Kickoff this Tuesday @7pm will provide an overview of our 2024 strategy, the organizing infrastructure we are building, and the many ways that anyone can maximize their impact.

The virtual Strategy & Training Kickoff this Thursday @7pm will provide the same info but with a focus on maximizing impact with actions that can be completed remotely in an hour and on your own schedule.


Both sessions include info about needs that can best be filled by people with unique skillsets and/or introverts.

If you are interested in ANY of the following, then our training series is right for you:

  • connecting your nearest 50 Dem Party neighbors

  • voter registration drives

  • hosting house parties (candidate meet & greets, issue advocacy, fundraising, etc.)

  • coordinating & running social events that bring Dems together

  • specific activities (postcarding, textbanking, phonebanking, petition signatures, etc.)

  • recruiting, coordinating, and/or mobilizing volunteers

  • recruiting candidates to run for office

  • digital organizing (email, website, social media, etc)

  • converting digital leads (email, website, social media, etc.) into real world activists

  • data & database management for community organizing

  • any other role that connects or mobilizes Dems in the Southeast Valley

With statewide Arizona races determined in 2022 by only 280 votes, the voters you reach could make the difference of saving our democracy and having a majority in the U.S. Senate.

RSVP Now for Tues @7pm (in person)

RSVP Now for Thurs @7pm (virtual)

Action is the antidote to despair.

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